A TRUE friend is the only person who never gets tired of listening to your own pointless dramas over & over again.
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Korea is fun and all. Meeting so many new people and made so mamy new friends. But sometimes i just miss home and my friends back in Norman.


Just as I was walking to eat with my mom, telling her how lonely I already feel and how homesick Im starting to feel. .. I walk into a restaurant and get sat right next to Suzie.. my best friend that I havent seen in ages.. in years… God surely works in mind blowing ways to make me know I wont be alone once my mom leaves…

Today was a crazy unexpected reunion of like 4 years ♡

But.. still currently sad I will literally be alone. .
Alone in this apartment.. alone walki g the streets. Alone eating and exploring
.. I guess this was the adventurous independence ive always wanted…?

My mommy is leaving for America tomorrow morning. Ive only been here for like 12 days.
Im already starting to get homesick I think. Im getting really moody lately. Sad. Annoyed. Most importantly I feel Lonely…
I really need school to start. I really need to start making my days more productive… :( miss Oklahoma… miss my friends. Miss my family. Already going to miss my mom.

I just want to do something different!! Exciting!! …

But what?

I wish.

I need a huge room with just big fluffy pillows, comforters, blankets, mattresses, and mattress paddings. Huge blank white walls with a projector. And access to all the movies/tv shows/ music in the world!
Also a drink area that has all the tea that I would want in the world!

…. I wish…

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